Saint Vacant products come in batches, instead of seasons. From a range consisting of only five essential models – the only five a man needs. The shoes are made in peace and with patience during slow factory times, as opposed to the rush and chaos of the fashion seasons. When shoes are made in small batches, the process becomes like a bespoke experience. You have a chance to influence on the colors and materials used, and walking becomes a truly unique affair.

What makes the Saint Vacant shoes boast a high quality and durability, is the Goodyear welted construction. Invented hundreds of years ago, it’s still considered as one of the finest methods of shoe construction. The process is intricate, and requires the finest of materials, but results in superior quality and comfort. Naturally, it’s not something that anyone can do. The technique calls for special manufacturing machinery and operating craftsmanship. The Saint Vacant shoes are put together in Portugal, in esteemed and long-operated factories specialized in Goodyear welting. The Slipper is constructed with the Blake method. A single row of stitching attaches the sole, upper & insole together. We use only real Crepe that is one of the most durable materials you can use on an outsole.

In addition to a refined appearance, the Goodyear welting technique also contributes to a remarkably easy reparability. Saint Vacant shoes can be resoled repeatedly. With a specialized cobbler in every major city, keeping your foot apparel in pristine condition is effortless.

Saint Vacant is the brain child of shoemaker & designer Janne Lax. Established 2005 in Helsinki, Finland.